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SRK’S TED Talks India Nayi Soch Is A Welcome Change

SRK’S TED Talks India Nayi Soch Is A Welcome Change

TED Talks India Nayi Soch has always been influencing countless people over the years with its insanely deep and life-changing insights. People from different walks of life have been sharing their ideas around life experiences, futuristic technologies and so much more on this platform.

While TED Talks India Nayi Soch is quite famous internationally (where we’ve seen our own Indian speakers as well), now we have it right in our homeland – and that too in Hindi. Taking us a step away from the regular saas-bahu drama of the small screen, we have Bollywood Megastar Shah Rukh Khan hosting the much-anticipated TED Talks India Nayi Soch.

The first episode of the show started off with Shah Rukh giving us a lowdown on what to expect from the show. No over the top entertainment segments and over-dramatic saas-bahu nonsense, but simple yet exciting ideas that have the power to change the world. Doing his best to keep the show as interactive and entertaining as ever, he introduced the speakers and the show took off with one innovative solution after another!

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  • Writer Manju Kapur – On social norms revolving women

She shared about societal norms wherein women are trained to be sensitive and adjusting since their childhood itself, while men are brought up differently. And this in turn causes differences between both the genders. She urged that it’s time that we focus on the smaller issues as well, apart from the larger offenses.

  • Scientist and bio-engineer Manu Prakash – On making science more accessible 

Professor Manu Prakash proved that the basic of things can be turned into medical equipment to make them more accessible for all, especially students. Infact, he even shared about his innovations – the paper microscope and low-cost blood testing equipment.

  • Dr Gautam Bhan aka the human settlement – On upgrading the society

The first speaker of the episode, Dr Gautam Bhan gave us a deep insight into the basti life in India.  He shared about how India has a lack of 2 crore houses, and gave an insight on schemes that could help slums turn into proper settlements thus easing out the issues related to lack of shelter in our country.

  • Car maker Shubhendu Sharma – On bringing back greenery to the world 

Shubhendu has already started work in 33 cities along with his team to turn barren lands into forests. Taking up the place of six car parking areas and the cost of an iPhone, Shubhendu urged that everyone must start taking a step towards eco-conservation and help in saving the world.

  • Innovator Anirudh Sharma – The ‘real-life’ Swades hero

Our best moment of the episode belonged to the Boston-returned innovator Anirudh Sharma whose one idea can tackle all our pollution problems. He invented a carbon emission filter that can help us turn our everyday car pollution into usable ink. The highlight- SRK leaving him with a heartfelt note and autograph with the very same pen that uses ink created from pollution.

  • Singer Sneha Khanwalkar – The ‘Invisible’ Musician

Just when you thought that the only Bollywood element of the show was SRK, he introduced singer Sneha Khanwalkar to showcase how she creates her music from her state of mind and sounds around her. Infact, she just had to make use of invisible musical instruments (that she played with a flick of her hand and a kick of the leg). And we have to agree, it was an amazing performance!

From what we hear, Sneha Khanwalkar is just one of the many celebrity faces that are likely to be a part of Shah Rukh’s show. Apart from good friends like Karan Johar, we hear SRK is keen to get some international faces on the show too!


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